Scott Walker in stocks

How to take the United States of America by force in 20 easy steps:

01. Buy the media, after brain dead, former Democrat, Ronald Reagan gives you the OK.
02. Get the Conservative ass Supreme Court to "elect" George W. Bush, despite the fact that nearly every independent study claims, after counting the votes, Al Gore would have won the Presidency.
03. Appoint the worst President in United States history with George W. Bush. A puppet for the corporations with enough charm to appease retards when he mispronounces any and every word, "That's-a how Ida thunk it were pronounced" say future teabaggers, as they pull up their sagging pants and wish they could afford a belt.
04. Start two illegal wars that, for the first time in United States history, are not paid for. Cut taxes on millionaires and billionaires to help pay for them???
05. Elect a "scary" black Democrat President.
06. Scare the white decedents of the KKK.
07. Convince racist teabaggers that "their" America is over, as a man without their pigmentation is running the damn thing.
08. Filibuster every possible bill that could do any good.
09. Get a bunch of billionaires, such as the Koch brothers, who were born wealthy and feel they're entitled to EVERYTHING, to create a "grassroots" movement by spending their daddy's billions buying buses to bus around a bunch of low-lives daddy, nor his sons, would ever associate with.
10. Get a bunch of billionaires heading the Chamber of Commies ... er ... "Commerce" to become friends with the Bush created Supreme Court.
11. Convince the morons (not hard) that they are part of a grassroots movement. A movement that is 100% against their best interests and is 100% in the interest of the richest people in the world.
12. Get the dummies to go out and vote in November. To vote for the most radical, UnAmerican cuntlickers ever born. Cuntlickers like Scott Walker.
13. Elect no-mind cuntlickers willing to do the dirty work for billionaires like the Koch Brothers -- who earned NOTHING in their lives, but won the sperm lotto.
14. Tell slave Walker to end all Union Bargaining, because, despite being billionaires, the Koch fools would rather pay less and absolutely love the thought of child labor.
15. Have a black man President who is so fucking scared to appear Democrat, he watches rights being robbed without saying a word. But he's concerned about Japan, though!
16. Let dick lickers like Scott Walker know that, when supported by billionaires, law is no object. Tell him to ignore the Fab 14 and just pass the law essentially killing unions.
17. Laugh at what a tool Scott Walker is -- of course violating the "open meetings" law is illegal but ...
18. If anyone notices, they'll merely protest.
19. And Social Security recipients riding around on their Medicare paid for Hoverounds won't know the difference!
20. Thankfully the President is too scared to do a goddamn thing ...

So all anyone in the know can do is throw a virtual tomato at their computer screen. Walker is in stocks. He's the first to be there. Unfortunately, he won't be the last. Either way, throwing tomatoes -- even if they're fake, can be a good time. Let this prick know that we aren't going to stand for lawbreakers and a couple of old guys whose Koch he sucks!

-Alex  Sandell
©2011 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved] Copy this, without my permission, and I'll stick my Koch down your mouth!