This Is What Racism Looks Like!
Written By: Alex Sandell, with help from a bunch of racist loons

Since the tragic stalking and slaughter of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by paranoid gun nut, George Zimmerman, racists have needed to do and say racist things to prove that they are not racists. Since the "Tea Party" started marching with signs like this one:

Obama as witch doctor voodoo

And this one:

Obama the Muslim

Not to mention this one:

Barack Obama Curious George Monkey

And don't even get me started on this one:

Most racist Obama pic ever

They have been on a PR campaign to prove they're not racists. The fact many of them look at the pictures above and see nothing racist about them, shows how deep-seated this racism is, and how far back it goes. The most rancid coffee-table book ever could be made based solely on signs shown at Tea Party "Patriot" events. The less deluded version of the Tea Party "Patriots" claim that "Libtards" (IE - "Liberals") "planted" these pictures to make them look bad. It's hard to believe that to be true, as nearly every single member of the Tea Party would have to be a Liberal disguised as a racist, as nearly every single Tea Party "Patriot" holding a sign, held a sign that was racist.

These folks scooting around DC on their hoverrounds (advertised constantly on Fox News and paid for with Government dollars through Medicare), holding hate signs, more than likely had parents who considered themselves the victims of lynchings they attended back "in the good old days." "Liberals made us attend!" they'd scream ... "Fucking Libtards!"

Ma and Pa "Tea Party" thought lynchings made for a good first date in the "Old South" (IE - 1950, or so). Something to bond over. Don't the white folk look happy in the picture below? Look at the one dude pointing ... just in case anyone missed the dead bodies swinging from the tree:

Lynching picnic

Ma and Pa "Tea Party" even held lynching matinees. That way they could bring the kids:

little Johnny at a lynching

See how gleeful little Johnny Tea Party is, looking up at the swinging feet of a dead black man? Who could deny him such pleasure? Forget about the dead dude who was most likely killed for the crime of being alive. If smiling, cheerful little Johnny Tea Party wasn't allowed to attend, he would be the real victim! Find him at the next Tea Party "Patriot" rally and he may tell you just that ... although he'll claim he's not racist. Don't know how you'd find him? He's the fat guy in the hoverround. Any of them will do. Fat, elderly white folk living on the Government dole all look the same, y'know?

The murder of Trayvon Martin proves nothing has changed. The low-income, low-IQ racists in the Tea Party, and the high-income, ethically challenged racists on Fox News who shamelessly fan the flames of their audience's hatred curse Martin for being born black! "The young boy murdered wasn't the victim," they claim! It was George Zimmerman who was attacked! It was George Zimmerman  who was "forced" to use his gun to kill Trayvon. Why? Because Trayvon gave a camera "the finger" once! I received the tweet below from a Twitter user whose biography read, "STRONG AMERICAN, FOX NEWS ADDICT!" Here it is:

Racist Tweet
What evidence did this user have that was so damning, it turned Trayvon Martin into the perp and George Zimmerman into the victim? It was this picture:

Trayvon flips the bird

"Holy fucking wowsers," I said! Did Trayvon just give me the finger from the grave? And not just THEE finger, but two of them! TWO fingers! Those evil fingers that mean the "F" word when pointed skyward?!?

Someone pass the smelling salts! Did anyone bring the fainting couch?

Thank GOD George Zimmerman shot this man! This man who uses his fingers to curse! Mr. Zimmerman is a hero!


In reality, the above photograph of the man flicking off the camera wasn't Trayvon Martin AT ALL. It was some guy with the same name. So how in the world could a picture like that be released online as a picture of Trayvon Martin? It's out there because racist radical extremist and Fox News' propagandist, Michelle Malkin, posted it on one of her websites. 

Michelle Malkin vampire cunt

As much as Michelle, Rush, Glenn, Bill, Sean, and the gang want this to be about them, this is about a boy who was murdered!  Convincing them of that is next to impossible, though. They're too busy flaming the fans of hatred in their audience.

Remember those pictures above from Tea Party rallies -- the rallies where poor rednecks rallied against their own best interests, because they're super racist and incredibly dumb? Those pictures -- and/or the sentiments behind them -- are returning. This time, regarding a murdered child. Here's one of them:

Racist redneck cartoon

This was printed in a major college newspaper. The asshole behind the "funny" above is looking to make a career for him/herself. It isn't hard in Conservative media, as long as you have absolute hatred in your heart and an unwillingness to learn from your mistakes. She/he has said she/he (I will NOT draw attention to this person) isn't attacking race, but rather "media bias." Media bias?!? REALLY??? Some unemployed vigilante with a gun killed a 17-year-old with Skittles. That's not bias -- that's fact. The only "bias" is from the right-wing media making it out to be some kind of fiction.

The below is the "go to" picture over at Fox "News":

Trayvon Martin gold teeth

Their claim is that, because Trayvon Martin had "gold teeth" (IE - "grills"), he was a threat and he deserved to be shot. "My Lord!" one of the Tea Party "Patriots" posted on a website started by Glenn Beck, "this man is a threat to the community! Did you see those teeth? If he's not dealing drugs where did he get the money for all the gold in his mouth?" First off, I suspect Tray colored aluminum foil gold and put it around his teeth for a pic. Second of all, having gold teeth doesn't warrant getting shot to death by some crazy dude trying to alleviate his boredom, while taking his mind off of his lack of importance as a human being.

Teenagers emulate their heroes. If your hero has gold teeth, so do you. If your hero wears cowboy boots and tucks his/her jeans inside of them, so do you. That's just how this whole process of "fitting in" works.

"It's sad that the media won't post more recent pics of Trayvon!" say the racists who deny their racism.

They are wrong.

What is sad is that, if the family did release recent pics, the murder of a young boy would be ignored by the mainstream media. It's sad that a black teenager who looks and poses like a black teenager is guilty for looking and posing like a black teenager, in hopes of impressing his friends online.

Now let's discuss the killer, George Zimmerman. George was reportedly aggressive toward multiple wives. Evidence suggests George was a paranoid. Evidence suggests George was a racist. Let's look at the notes written down by dispatch when he called the cops close to 50 times -- a handful reprinted here:

April 22, 2011 – 7:09 p.m.

Subject: Suspicious activity
Report: Juvenile black male “apprx 7–9” years old, four feet tall “skinny build short blk hair” last seen wearing a blue t-shirt and blue shorts

Aug. 3, 2011 – 6:45 p.m.
Subject: Suspicious activity
Report: Black male last seen wearing a white tank top and black shorts … Zimmerman “believes subject is involved in recent” burglaries in the neighborhood

Aug. 6, 2011 – 10:20 p.m.
Subject: Suspicious activity
Report: Two black males, one wearing a black tank top and black shorts, the second wearing a black t-shirt and jeans … “Subjs are in their teens”

Oct. 1, 2011 – 12:53 a.m.

Subject: Suspicious activity
Report: Two black male suspects “20–30 YOA in [white] Chevy poss Impala at the gate of the community.” Zimmerman “does not recognize subjs or veh and is concerned due to recent” burglaries in the area

Feb. 2, 2012 – 8:29 p.m.
Subject: Suspicious activity
Report: “Black male" lsw: black leather jacket, black hat, printed PJ pants, he keeps going going to this” location

Feb. 26, 2012 (this call was about Martin on the night Martin was murdered by Zimmerman) – 7:11 p.m.
Subject: Suspicious activity
Report: Black male “late teens lsw dark gray hoodie jeans or sweatpants walking around area” … “subj now running towards back entrance of complex”

Feb. 26, 2012 (this call was about Martin on the night Martin was murdered by Zimmerman) – 7:20 p.m.
Subject: Suspicious activity
Report: Repeats prior report

Reading those reports, it seems George Zimmerman had a problem with two things:




Even when the male who happened to be black were "7-9 years old." Think about it for a minute. How could a 7-year-old scare a middle-aged man? And if a 7-year-old scared him, what would a black 17-year-old do?

George Zimmerman was not arrested. George Zimmerman was allowed to keep the gun he murdered Trayvon Martin with, in cold blood.

Ladies and gentlemen ... THIS is what RACISM looks like!

If Trayvon had been white and George had been black, George would have been arrested. This is sick. This is a perverse society with perverse gun laws written by a perverse NRA (National Rifle Association) and introduced by corrupt politicians.

The ones making any chance of progress feel hopeless are the racists claiming they're not racist.

Those poor, poor white men.

Those poor Tea Party "Patriots" riding around on their hoverrounds.

Those poor white men raised on lynchings. When a rope wasn't enough, mom and dad took them to a lynching bonfire:

burning black man

This is what racism looks like!

May Trayvon Martin's family find justice! May they find it, no matter how many times this doughy dork pretends to cry over the plight of the wealthy white man:

Glenn Beck, clown

May they find it, no matter how many opportunistic racists spit their bile at the screen on:

Titties and cunts

May they find peace!

May they find peace!

May they find peace!

These snakes at Fox News and on right-wing radio, such as Sean Hannity, will destroy the United States of America for a tax break. People such as him are treasonous.

These reptiles will cry you a river of crocodile tears! Only the lamest of the lame and most ignorant of the ignorant will buy into their rhetoric. But it only takes a few fools to bring down a nation. Unless one day, the most foolish of the fools will, finally, realize that Fox News is what racism looks like!

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